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Mater Divinae Gratiae College - Dolores

In 1995, Dolores Eastern Samar saw the birth of the Mater Divinae Gratiae College Community which started to open only for the elementary level. As the years went by the Mater Divinae Gratiae college through the efforts of our dynamic sisters were able to open a College for the youths of Dolores, a far flung 3rd class seaside town in the Eastern coast of Samar. The people welcomed the Sisters with great eagerness, being the first and only female religious Congregation in the area. What they welcomed most was the gratuitous education offered to their children with the help of Italian Benefactors and the free medical assistance that went with it through the clinic of Sardegna.


Camp Picardo Airport Dolores, 6817 Eastern Samar - PHILIPPINES


+63 091885350789
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