“Beautiful as a daughter of heaven is charity … stretches out its hand to every unhappy person”.

With your contribution you help many children who cannot attend school due to economic hardships. We see smiling pupils because they have that extra hope that, once they finish their studies, they will be able to enter the world of work, realize their dreams, support their families financially.

With 1 euro a day you make a child happy.

Of your generosity the Lord rewards you with so many blessings.

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"Fondazione Amici di Maria ONLUS"
banca: Monte Paschi di Siena (Filiale di S. Prisco - CE)
IBAN IT 11 T 01030 75020 000001116941.

Congregazione Suore Francescane dei Sacri Cuori

Piazza S. Francesco, 4,
81043 Capua (CE)
0823 961063
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