Circular n. 3/2018

Dear Sisters, let us unite our voices with that of Mary, the Mother of Jesus and our Mother, too; let our soul sing to God the Father who gives us Jesus every day, the Living Bread, descended from heaven, the only Savior of the world!

Today's liturgy presents another passage from chapter VI of the Gospel of John where Jesus solemnly affirms: "I am the bread of life ... I am the living bread, come down from heaven. He who eats this bread will live forever ... “Fr. Ermes Ronchi, a Bible scholar and poet comments: " The power of the language of Jesus, His mystery and His story, expressed not by reasoning but by images: bread, alive, descended, heaven. These are four words and four metaphors: each of them being generative; rich in movement; experience; taste; and horizons. They do not explain the mystery, but they make it vibrate in your life, a joyful mystery to be enjoyed and to be savored. The bread they are talking about is not that handful of water and flour passed through the millstone and the fire, it contains much more: it is the symbol of all that is good for you and that keeps you alive"...

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